44 Funny Memes To Kick Off The Weekend


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  1. Posted by jaclynz8532, — Reply

    I don't get why beyonce's the greatest personally I like Rihanna or WHitney Houston and Bruno Mars shouldn't we recognize the best artists?

  2. Posted by rebesweety, — Reply

    I would do the same ... I never liked Beyoncé 😒

  3. Posted by c_j_evans, — Reply

    It's obvious he's showing respect to Hov otherwise he'd be all over her like cheap cheese spread

  4. Posted by ellapaigehudson, — Reply

    Maybe Beyonce needs to be impressed by Leo sitting next to her..

  5. Posted by emilyo1377, — Reply

    I could, I would rather die at the hands of my least favourite person in the world and have them be the last person I see than sit beside her.

  6. Posted by xmultiixfandomx, — Reply

    Yes honestly he is a legend! 💗

  7. Posted by datdisneyfan, — Reply

    Why is everyone hating on Beyoncé-

  8. Posted by Madishii, — Reply

    John richardson, Benedict cumberbatch

  9. Posted by evie_mango, — Reply

    I wouldn’t be excited

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